Okinawa Traditional Karate

I want to become stronger, increase my physical strength, relieve stress, diet, keep my good health ...  We will have a lesson according to your purpose and fitness level.  Please feel free to come here and experience.

Lesson fee

  • Registration fee of Chokushinjuku;  2,000 yen
  • Monthly fee;  3000 yen 

  • The monthly fee for the first month of enrollment is free! From next month, Please pay the monthly fee by the 10th of every month.
  •  Insurance fee;  high school students and older 1850 yen, Elementary school student and Junior high school student 800 yen
  • Annual regional registration fee; 4,000 yen
  • Please purchase your karate uniform yourself. We will provide some shops. You can buy it less than 10,000 yen there.
  • When you get color belt, you need to have some protective equipment.
  • If you would like to join, please fill out the application form and apply with the registration fee.  

The way to the black-belt

The promotion will be decided by the examination committee which is held 3-4 times a year.  The instructor will tell you the examination day, so if you wish, please apply.  The examination committee from 1st to 8th grade is held at Chokushinjuku, and it after the first-dan is held at the headquarters dojo.

To applicant for admission and experience

Please contact us in advance by phone or e-mail, because it may not be possible to visit depending on the training place and time.
For the person who experience, please prepare easy-to-move clothes, drinks for hydration, and towels to wipe off sweat. We also accept consultations regarding child enrollment at any time.

[email protected]

+81 80-4079-2165(Kurita)